The Future is Here
with Axidys

At Axidys, we present a diverse set of services built around core practices
and needs in the business sector, helping us focus on what’s important
and how we can improve your brand.

What we provide

Web Design and Development

Axidys offers its clients careful development and/or support of new and existing sites, platforms, and software. Our developers can build websites and software from scratch, as well as implement essential and new features regularly.

Cloud Development

Our team offers careful development of cloud architecture through planning, organizing, and designing, as well as implementation of new and existing cloud technologies, and different models. Partners can enjoy optimal support and efficiency of their respective cloud systems.

Quality Control

An expert quality control team ensuring that product quality is not only maintained but effectively improved. Our friendly team strives for perfection when it comes quality control, as we focus our processes for optimal service delivery, maintenance, and innovation.

Cyber Security

Our aim is to provide professional expertise when it comes to protecting your data from breaches, leaks, break ins and other malicious activity. This includes 24/7 monitoring of internal networks, penetration testing on all levels, many types of encryption and regular security reports. In addition, we give professional advice regarding strategies to prevent risk on an enterprise-wide level, IT training and detection and response to threats on your behalf.

System Administration

Our expert team of system administrators is here to offer you careful internal and external system administration, regardless of the type – be it hardware, software, workstations, or servers. Our system administrators are professionally trained to ensure systems are running at optimal efficiency, while improving security, information circulation, distribution, and accessibility for both business partners and our work team.